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Year 6: 29th May - 3rd June

Wednesday 3rd June 2020  11:02

Morning all.  I'm just off to school to work with the Key Worker group for the next three days, so will update the site during the day.

Thank you for all of your writing.  Almost all of us are still putting an unnecessary capital letter into speech like this:

"I'd like three please," Said John.

All of the writing above is in one sentence - it just happens to have some speech at the start of it.  Therefore, the said needs to be lower case like this:

"I'd like three please," said John.

I've updated the Maths section.  For the writing task due in on Friday, you'll need to read through the project learning - I've included a number of texts.  I'll be asking you to explain the difference between invertebrates and vertebrates.  I'll set out the task in detail tonight, but for now, start thinking about the differences between a dog and a snail - there are lots of them.  I'm going to ask for the answer as an explanation text.

Have a good afternoon,  Mr. Davis

Monday 1st June 2020  08:37

Good morning again.  So, I was expecting to be getting ready to welcome you back tomorrow, but it's not to be - yet.  Today is an INSET day.  During the course of today I'll be putting information on the site for learning this term.  All of your learning will be available via this page. I'll continue updating this page even when most Year 6 children have returned to school.

So, this is what I'd like you to do on Tuesday:




All of this is available via the tabs on this page.

Friday 29th May 2020  14:57

Good afternoon.  A letter has gone out from the Trustees of our Multi-Academy Trust group this afternoon to explain that we will not be returning to school in the first week of June as a consequence of the rise of Covid-19 cases at Weston General Hospital.  A decision will be made later next week as to whether we will return in the week beginning 8th June.

Therefore, next week, our learning in Year 6 will again continue via the website.  As classes are due to start returning to school during this term, we are switching to class webpages.  All Year 6 learning will therefore be accessible via this page.  Our Maths learning will use the resources available from the Oak National website so that when most of you do return to school, those of you not able to come in can also receive the same learning plan.  Writing will be set via this page.  Much of this will be based on this term's project learning which will be around living things and their habitats.

I will post lessons online from Monday and look forward to receiving your writing.  I would like to see at least two pieces of written work a week: that way I can feed back to you about the progress that you are making.