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UK Quiz #1

Ten questions for you - answers are at the foot of the page when you have finished.

Question 1.  Can you name the capital cities of the four parts of the United Kingdom?

Question 2.  Name the four bodies of water below.

Question 3.  This city has an extinct volcano in the centre and is the home of an enormous cultural festival every Summer (except this one!).  Name the city.

Question 4.  This city is known as the Steel City because of the importance of the industry to the city's growth during the industrial revolution.  It's one of the largest cities in Yorkshire.  Name the city.

Sheffield steel industry, 19th century - Stock Image - C013/0225 ...

Question 5.  Worle is in the local authority of North Somerset.  Can you name all of local authorities which border North Somerset?

Grand Pier - Visit Weston-super-Mare

Question 6.  What are the four largest cities in Wales?  Can you list them, starting with the largest in terms of population?

Find Us - Mermaid Quay

Question 7.  This city has two football teams whose stadiums are on either side of Stanley Park.  Name the city (and the football teams).

North Liverpool residents give thumbs-down to plans for parking ...

Question 8.  This is the largest city on the north east coast of England.  It is famous for it’s black and white football team and the bridge that crosses the River Tyne.

The Tyne Bridge in Newcastle.

Question 9.  This a city in the West Country, near to Bristol.  It is famous for the Roman Spa that gives the City its name.

Question 10. The longest river in the UK is our very own River Severn.  Can you name the counties that it passes through in England?

Hawford lock on the river Severn | Dronestagram

The answers are below….

Funny child girl against an orange background pointing down ...


Question 1.  London, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast

Question 2.

Question 3.  Edinburgh

Question 4.  Sheffield

Question 5.  The City of Bristol borders North Somerset to the north, but also along the coast - Bristol as a port owns the water below the tide line.  To the south is the County of Somerset and to the east is Bath and North East Somerset.

Question 6.  Cardiff (447,000), Newport (307,000), Swansea (300,000) and Wrexham (66,000)

Question 7.  Liverpool (Liverpool FC and Everton)

Question 8.  Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Question 9.  Bath

Question 10. Once it crosses the Welsh border, the river runs through Shropshire and Worcestershire before passing Gloucestershire and then Somerset.  In terms of modern local authority boundaries, it also passes the City of Bristol, South Gloucestershire and North Somerset.