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Term 3 & 4

In terms 3 and 4, our topic is called 'Superheroes and Super Me! We will be exploring the concept of 'superheroes' in our community by finding out about the jobs of staff members in our school as well as local people. We will try and find out how they can help us and what the job entails. We will be inviting in any parents and family members to talk about their jobs and we will be finding out the answers to the questions that we might have. 

We will also explore the concept of superheroes through stories such as Supertato so that we can retell, act out and move towards writing our own superhero stories. 

Within our Personal, Social and Emotional Development learning, we will be thinking about our own super powers and what makes us unique. As a class, we will also be thinking about our own dreams and goals. 

Our PE days have changed to a Wednesday and Thursday for this term. We will be exploring Nursery Rhymes in our dance unit on a Wednesday and we will have Mr Gregory from RMC Sports coaching us on a Thursday for our unit on 'feet'. 

Within our physical development we will be looking at our human bodies and how we can stay healthy, exploring hygiene, healthy eating and exercise.