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Story 4: Adverb challenge

The adverb challenge

  • Write a story of 200 to 400 words
  • Include as many adverbs as possible
  • Make sure that the story is appropriate for primary school!

To help you think about the words you can use, see the How to: Use Adverbs page, available in the Year 6 section of the website.

Here is an extract from Blue Staffie's story:

As the golden sun slowly sank, on the sapphire blue lake in Canada, the birds whistled good night and sang in harmony until predators began to show. What most people didn’t know was that at night predators unleashed their inner monster and that was what scared everyone the most. While the stars rapidly raced each other to the edge of their hidden world, a mother bear was contently watching her cub slowly dream her way to sleep.

To the east, a male mountain lion was ready to cautiously pounce on a lone and young moose who had been separated from its herd during the chase. The adult could smell its fear and could feel the calf's heart thumping he was ready to seize the moment, there was nothing stopping him. He pounced... this was the first meal he had, had in days and he wasn’t going to waste it.

The whole story can be found below.