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Sandra Meech sketchbook challenge

Week 1 and 2 - Make your own sketchbook and start to fill it!

The challenges below are suitable for all children.  Younger children will need more help to make a sketchbook.  All children will need to discuss the artwork with someone.

Have a look at the video on the link below.  It teaches you how versatile a sketchbook can be and how to make one.  Read the different stages then watch the 2 videos in step 2 – Making your sketchbook your own.

How to make a sketchbook using everyday things at home

Continuous line drawing challenge

Now you’ve got a sketchbook you’re going to need to start to fill it.  Watch the video clip on the link below about continuous line drawings then have a go yourself.   The video will time you for 5 minutes while you are drawing.  Remember to take it slow and remember our redrafting process, be your own critic and redraft your work.

Continuous line drawing

The writing under the video gives you and your grown-ups some ideas on how to help you to do your best.

Sandra Meech research and challenge

Sandra Meech is a local artist living and working in Somerset.  She uses lots of different media in her sketchbooks to build up her ideas, for example, drawing, collage, photography and paint.  Take a look at some of her sketchbooks here.  Can you see the different media she has used?  Can you see how her sketchbooks have torn pages and zig-zag pages?  How do you think her sketchbooks help her create her final pieces?  Talk to someone about what you can see.

Sandra Meech Sketchbooks

You can also explore the work she has done on the Somerset Levels.  Here you will see her photographs and sketchbooks as well as her finished pieces.  Which piece of work do you think came first and why?  Can you put the pieces in order from first to final piece?  Tell someone why you think they were created in this order.

Somerset Levels work

Can you take a photo of something you can see from your house and use it as an inspiration for some work in your sketchbook, just like Sandra Meech did?  You could draw the photo in pencil, in pen, using coloured pencils or felt tips.  You could make a collage of the photo cutting or tearing pieces from an old magazine.  Can you create a zig-zag page in your sketchbook? 

Remember to keep your sketchbooks and bring them in to school when we return.  We would love to see what you created.