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The Government expectation is that all children who are self-isolating and are well enough to learn will be expected to complete learning at home each day.  We have suggested some fun activities you can do at home with your child and the time we think you should spend on them. If you have any queries please email the class email address,

Lesson Time
Communication and Language 10 minutes
Reading with your child 10 minutes
Phonics 10 minutes
Maths 10 minutes
Physical Development, including writing and mark making 10 minutes

Phonics (teaching reading and writing)

Click here to see videos explaining how Cbeebies teaches children to read with Alphablocks.

The children are learning the phonemes s, a, t, p, i, n, m, d, g, o, c, k. Watching the Alphablocks episodes for these phonemes would help embed these sounds for the children. 


The children are exploring numbers 1-10 and developing a secure and in-depth knowledge of numbers 1-5 between September and December. The Numberblocks tv series explains these numbers in a fun and interactive way using song and rhyme.