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Place: The United Kingdom

Learning about other places around the country is a key part of the National Curriculum.  We will build up this page over the next few days, adding a different city each day.

Activity 1

Learn the location and names of cities and counties - quick quiz at the end of the week.

Activity 2

Learn the names of rivers and mountain ranges in England.

Notice that there are lots of River Avons.  Avon (or Afon) is the Welsh word for river, so River Avon is literally River River.  You can see that they all appear in the area near to us in the South West, an area where Brythonic (Celtic) would have been spoken for longer than most other areas of England.

In the north east you can see two rivers called the Derwent.  The name means Valley of Oaks in Brythonic (Celtic) and so it is also a description that has become a name of more than one river.