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At Becket Primary School, we believe all pupils can be successful in learning mathematics and have a true enjoyment of the subject. Our school follows the 2014 National Curriculum for Maths with a focus on fluency, reasoning and problem solving. When planning sequences of learning we use a mastery maths approach informed by the NCETM and White Rose Maths. We are also supported in our teaching and learning by the Boolean Maths Hub.

Using a mastery maths approach means that children are taught mathematical concepts in small steps. This is because it is important that children master the first concept in a series before moving onto next one. To help children understand and visualise the mathematical structures they are being taught we ensure all children have access to a range of concrete practical resources and visual images such as tens and fives frames, bead stings, part part whole and bar models, which then link to the abstract written numbers. This enables them to develop a deeper conceptual understanding of the maths they are doing.

We do regular rapid recaps and 'snappy maths' in years 1-6 to improve fluency and to ensure learning has been revisited and embedded.  It is widely acknowledged that practice, drill and memorisation are essential if children are to become mathematically fluent.

In years 3, 4 and 5, children do daily times table practise, where by they chant the particular times table they are learning out loud and then they have 2 minutes to do a 40 question test. Children are also encouraged to use times table rockstars at school and at home to improve their recall and accuracy. 

The curriculum is supported by the 3 I's: intent, implementation and impact, and the subject overviews. Please see below.