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So that I could support those of you at home to learn the same things as those of you who were in school, we used the Oak National Academy website for our Maths learning in term 6.  It's a really clear site, with lots of explanation videos.  It's always good to hear someone else talk you through the Maths. For each lesson, there is a starter quiz, a lesson with worksheet questions, and a final quiz.  You need a pencil and paper. 

You don't need to send me anything for Maths, but I'm happy to answer questions and explain things to you.


Extension activities:

We'd like you study Maths for about an hour every day.  If you complete your main learning before an hour, here are some additional activities linked to our learning with shape and measure.  These tasks involve reasoning and sometimes have a practical element.  If you don't complete a task on one day, come back to it until it is complete.  These tasks come from the wonderful people at Nrich.