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History: The Tudors

A project aimed at Years 3 - 5 (but accessible to all)

The Tudor Kings and Queens include some our most famous monarchs such as Henry VIII and Elizabeth I.  During the Tudor period the world changed, with better boats enabling countries to travel further and start to conquer other parts of the world.  During the Tudor period, England became a much stronger country than it was at the start of Henry VIII's reign, and by the end of Elizabeth I's reign, England was a world power.


This unit of learning covers the lives of ordinary people and the leaders of England during the time.  Most of the resources are links to a range of websites with lots of information.  Whilst these links are safe and correct at the time of publishing online, please supervise children in their use of the Internet to keep them safe.Below are a range of activities that link to the learning.  Please feel free to complete activities in whichever order you wish.  We would love to see and publish online pieces of writing, photographs and any other learning that you have undertaken.

If you have any questions regarding the History pages, please email Mr. Davis via

Useful online resources:

Primary Homework

BBC Radio resource

Lots of activities and interactive resources

Good text-based resources from the publisher dk

Quizzes, information and interactive resources from Whitchurch Primary School has good information about exploration

Suggested Activities: choose which you wish to complete and do them in the order that suits you. 

Writing tasks:

Other tasks:

Who were the Tudor Kings and Queens? 

Paint royal portraits.  Really focus on the clothing and jewellery that they wore.

What was life like in Tudor times for ordinary people? 

Write a diary entry.

Make a model of a Tudor shop or house.

Where did Henry VIII live? 

What was it like to live in one of his palaces?

Cook one item from a Tudor meal.

Write a letter, as a close friend, to one of Henry’s queens; you are afraid for her safety.

What was it like to grow up in Tudor times as a child?

Find out what toys children had.  Can you make one?

Make a poster to advertise a new Tudor toy.

The age of discovery

The Tudor age was a time of exploration and discovery.  Find out more on the dk website

Make a model of a Tudor boat.

Make a map of the known world.  Can you make it look old (speak to adults about how you could do this)?

Pretend that you are a sailor on a ship of exploration.  Write a letter to your parents to tell them what life is like.