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Helping to Prepare your Child

Some helpful hints and things to practice independently…

The more independent your child can be the more confident they will feel when they first start school.  Don't worry if they can't do any of the things listed below, we know every child is unique and developing in their own way and we will always be there to help them, but they might have to wait a bit as there are a lot of children!  You might want to practice the things in the list below and if you want to that's great, but don't feel under any pressure.

  • Coats and zips, putting on, doing up, undoing and taking off their coat.
  • Shoes and socks, putting on and taking off socks and shoes independently.
  • Eating with knives and forks.
  • Toileting, managing clothes and wiping of wees and poos independently.
  • Talk about starting school, walk past school and have a look during the holidays, watch Time for School on Cbeebies.
  • Recognising and writing their names.

We will have time to talk about your child and their individual needs in the parent consultation meetings, but if you have any queries or concerns in the meantime please email Mrs Sian Fox and Mrs Sarah Nicholls at