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Final project - Life in Lockdown reflections


For our final mini-project before the summer holidays we would like you to reflect on what life has been like for you since Lockdown began.  

We are very sad not to have been able to welcome you back to school and we have missed you all very much. We have missed hearing about your lives and what you have been doing each day, so we have put together a reflection sheet for you to complete (Part 1). Please fill this in (or copy the subheadings in to your book) then use these reflections to help you to create some amazing arts and crafts or poems and songs in Part 2. Please complete Part 1 before you do Part 2.

Here is a website with lots of ideas for musical instruments you could have a go at making for one of the activities in Part 2:


Please send Part 1 to us ready for September or keep it safe and bring it in with you when you start back as we will be using the reflection sheets when we come back to school.


We would like to see your other creations from Part 2, so please email them to your class teacher using the emails below:



If you have any questions please do contact us.


We look forward to seeing your creations soon!

Mrs Walters, Ms Bembridge and Mrs Grant