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Digital Parenting

Have you ever been shocked by the speed at which young children pick up the features of new technology and are able to use it? Do you wonder what you might be able to do to ensure that you know and understand all about the latest apps, jargon and ways to access the Internet? Then you should find the information here useful.

At Becket Primary School some of our children are just beginning to find out what the Internet will mean to them in the future, and others use it as part of their everyday lives. We believe it is important to encourage them to have fun with new technology whilst staying in control of the risks.

Staying Safe Online

Help your child to stay safe online.  There are many different measures you can take to ensure that the device your child is using will keep them safe.  Internet Matters have produced a guide to support you.

The National Online Safety website has produced a number of fantastic guides for many games and apps which are popular with young people. The guides include Minecraft, Fortnite, Roblox, Snapchat and YouTube.



Find out how you can keep your children safe when using Roblox.  Read and download the Parental Controls Guide.  This is a fantastic resource using step-by-step instructions to help you settings on your Roblox account.

The Risks and Rewards of Gaming



Have you been wondering whether it is OK to allow your child to play games with high age ratings? This guide to 18+ material may help.

It can be difficult to keep children away from violent, inappropriate games, but there are alternatives to violent games to keep them entertained. Non-violent suggestions for games can also be found here.

  • Tricky Conversations – it isn’t always easy to start conversations with children that they may prefer not to have. Staying safe online may be one of those topics. This help sheet gives a few tips about how to engage your child in these conversations.
  • Parental Controls – how-to guides to help you to setup controls on various devices.


10 best child friendly Minecraft channels -we know the children love Minecraft, so help them to enjoy it safely!

Share aware – the new NSPCC campaign designed to help parents find ways to discuss online safety with their



Cyber Streetwise – is a new website developed by The UK Home Office. It aims to help everyone (adults & children) learn a little more about staying safe in a cyber world. It really is a useful site, and you may well learn something you didn’t know that you needed to know!

A Parents’ Guide to Technology – a guide to the latest mobile phones, games consoles & tablets. Created by the UK Safer Internet Centre

Which safety tools are right for me? An EU funded project to help parents choose the most appropriate digital safety tools

Swiggle – a fantastic safe search engine for children to use giving relevant and exciting search results without the unrestricted element of Google.

NSPCC have created a useful set of safety checklists, including for younger children.