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Curriculum Information

Early Years Foundation Stage

This is the same curriculum that your child followed in preschool and we deliver it in much the same way, it is......

  • Statutory, we have to teach it
  • A play based curriculum
  • Child led activities and projects
  • Indoor and outdoor, which are equally important environments

At Becket we teach this through...

In the moment planning

  • Plan immediately in response to the children’s interests and next steps in learning
  • Adults identify teachable moments where we can have immediate and positive impact on learning
  • Adults capture and record teachable moments and observations of children learning onto learning boards, which are displayed in the classroom. Children are proud and value their learning boards.
  • Learning is always fun and engaging for the child. It is purposeful and real.
  • In Reception class, in the moment planning is balanced along with daily phonics and maths bursts to develop children’s literacy and maths skills

Communication and Language development

  • Language rich environment
  • Helicopter stories
  • Makaton trained staff
  • Parent and child workshops

Our Learning Environment

  • Purposefully designed spaces for children to grow and learn
  • Natural materials
  • Real life objects and resources which excite and engage children
  • Indoor and outdoor learning

A few sums!.....

School + Parents working together = Happy Children

Happy Children = Confident Learners