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Art and Design

Week 3 and 4 - Food in Art

Still life challenge

Research an Artist

Food faces

The following challenges are suitable for Reception to Year 6 but your child will need support to access the work at their level.  

Still life challenge

A still life is a composition (an object or group of objects you have arranged) focusing on still objects that, once placed, do not move until the Artist has finished with them.

Before having a go yourself watch the videos below to help your understanding of different art techniques and Artists.

Espresso - How to sketch

Espresso - Techniques

Espresso - Artists at work

Many different Artists have explored still life through their work, below are some examples over time.

   Caravagio, Basket of Fruit, 1599 

   Paul Cezanne, Basket of Apples, 1895

   Salvador Dali, Living Still Life, 1956          

   Andy Warhol, 32 Campbell's Soup Cans, 1962

Now you have a go.  Choose some food from your house and make an arrangement, maybe start with something that has great texture and colour like fruit or vegetables.  Feel the texture by touching the items and look really closely at them, use a magnifying glass if you have one.  Now place your items in an arrangement you are happy with, try out lots of different arrangements.  Now look at where the light is coming from and where there is shadow.  Make sure you do all of this before you sketch.  You might want to ask someone at home to critique your work before redrafting it.  Keep going until you have a final product that really reflects your best work.  Send a photo of all of your work to your class email.

Research an Artist

Research one of the Artists listed above.

You might want to research Paul Cezanne as there is a lot of information about him on Espresso.

Espresso - Paul Cezanne

Espresso - Cezanne factsheet

Food Faces

Watch the Art Ninja video below using Arcimboldo's work as inspiration for some foodie faces!


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Now it's your turn.  Make sure you ask a grown up before you raid the salad drawer! Take photos of your foodie faces and email them to your teacher.