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What to bring with you each day

All children should bring a named bag containing:

  • at least one change of clothing (more if they are toilet training)
  • nappies/wipes/nappy sacks if they are using them.

We encourage outdoor play every day regardless of the weather conditions. We have waterproof trousers available and spaces for children to store their own bag, shoes and wellington boots

Children will also need:

  • a named coat suitable for the weather
  • a named sun hat when it is hot or named woolly hat when it is cold

If your child is staying all day they will need to bring a packed lunch with them in a named box.

*Please do not include fizzy drinks, chocolate, or products containing nuts*.

We support children to be independent with their self-care and to take responsibility for their belongings. You can help them with this by putting their name on everything (yes, even pants and shoes!), and thinking about which fastenings your child can learn to manage by themselves - shoelaces, toggles, clip, and button fastenings are trickiest for children learning to dress themselves.

  • Pegs

  • Change of Clothes

    Change of Clothes.JPG
    Change of Clothes
  • Packed lunch

    Packed lunch.JPG
    Packed lunch