Dear Visitor,

We are extremely proud of the warm relationships that are cultivated here at Becket Primary School. Children, their parents and visitors tell us that the strength of these relationships is one of the many things that they value about us.

Our vision for the school is for all children to become powerful, independent learners, able to choose, design, research, pursue ideas and evaluate their own learning. We want learning to be a joyful experience. We achieve this through our highly engaging and rich curriculum offer that aims to provide real work for a real purpose wherever possible.


By setting learning in meaningful and engaging contexts for authentic audiences, we enable children to ‘own’ their learning and provide a curriculum that responds to their ideas and interests.


Our web site is just one part of our vision for the school. We hope that it will serve as a ‘shop window’ on this vibrant community of learners. We want it to be a place where you can get a feel for the school, whether that be from the tone in our newsletters, or from examples of activities enjoyed by the children through to examples of their work and galleries. Don’t forget to check out our Twitter news feed for daily updates: @becket_primary

For current parents, we hope that it will be a place to access letters, communications, important forms, dates and resources to help support your child at school.

I hope that you enjoy your visit to our site. I am always available to discuss any aspect of the school’s work and look forward to welcoming you personally to Becket School.

 Yours faithfully,

John Clark