You can click on the following link which will take you to the Kaleidoscope MAT Website: http://www.kaleidoscopemat.co.uk

  • Back in September 2012, there was a local re-organisation of 3 schools in Worle to become Primary Schools - this included St Martin's and Worle Village Primary School.  Becket Primary School became part of this collaboration of Worle Schools in September 2014.  Also in September 2014, 3 primary schools from the south of Weston (Ashcombe, Christ Church and Hutton) formed the INSPIRE collaboration. In July 2016, these two smaller collaborations merged to form Kaleidoscope with a view to forming a Multi Academy Trust. 
  • As you will know, over the previous few terms, we have been working hard to move our successful collaboration of schools to its next phase, by creating the Kaleidoscope Multi-Academy Trust (MAT). We are delighted to report that at an end of a very busy summer, we successfully achieved this. Kaleidoscope Multi-Academy Trust officially started on 1st September 2017.
  • Being a part of a MAT means that we will no longer be working directly under North Somerset Council, but instead we will be reporting to the Regional Schools Commissioner and Ofsted. We will continue to work closely with our neighbouring schools whether they are Academies or Local Authority Schools. Instead of working under the different local authority advisers, we now operate as a Board which is organised in to various strands


Kaleidoscope Multi Academy Trust is currently made up of 6 Primary Schools in Weston-super-Mare:

Becket Primary School
Ashcombe Primary School     http://www.ashcombeprimary.co.uk/
Christ Church CEVA Primary School      https://christchurchprimaryschool.org/
Hutton Church of England Primary School      http://www.huttonceprimaryschool.co.uk/
St Martin's C of E VC Primary School      http://www.stmartinsschool.org.uk/
​Worle Village Primary School​     http://worlevillage.n-somerset.sch.uk/


Click here to find out more about the Governance structure     http://www.kaleidoscopemat.co.uk/governance-structure.html

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