Dog Days

Reporters: Becket News Crew

On Wednesday 6th February, a range of trained dogs visited Becket Primary School, to teach children at the school how to care for and approach dogs.

Seven dogs took part, along with trainers from Little Orchard Dog Training Academy based in Worle.  They showed us a range of skills and tricks.  The dazzling, outrageous Skye jumped through a hoop which was above a child's head; a fluffy cockapoo named Tilly demonstrated how to approach a dog; and Woody, a part Collie, danced and showed his clever circus tricks.  The group also brought two Golden Retrievers who followed instructions to march and touch a button on command.

Jessica said, "It was amazing to see all of the dogs doing different skills and tricks." 

Many thanks from everyone at Becket School to Little Orchard.  We look forward to learning with you again.